At a Glance

Every third weekend in September for the last 15 years we have opened the doors of Abeyhill Primary School – with its two Victorian buildings and large playground – as one of the exhibition venues of the Colony of Artists festival. In these COVID-19 times when even our Colony of Artists bee mascot knows how … Continue reading At a Glance

Maisie of Abbeyhill

How did our artists-in-residence at Abbeyhill Primary School start? In short, it was prompted by the Colony of Artists and the Abbeyhill cats at our doorstep! We started in 2013/14 with only five artists-in-residence and one cat – the original Maisie McKenzie puppet. Since then we have welcome over 50 professional artists (and quite a … Continue reading Maisie of Abbeyhill

‘Abbeyhill, the terrific school!’

Can't wait until the 15th anniversary Colony of Artists festival opens its garden doors on 19 September 2020 to see our entire new festival exhibition Windows and Screens at Abbeyhill Primary School? Can't wait to see our new festival exhibition which has taken over the windows of the school and the area while reaching out … Continue reading ‘Abbeyhill, the terrific school!’

Our Holyrood Park

Abbeyhill Primary School is just a walk away from Holyrood Park – our school’s large outdoor learning classroom. We love exploring it throughout the seasons together with our artists-in-residence at the school and the rangers at Holyrood Park Education Centre. We seek inspiration for our environmental art, science and sport projects in the park, including … Continue reading Our Holyrood Park

Our drama company-in-residence goes viral

It's official. Our drama company-in-residence Citadel Arts Group has gone viral this summer. But before finding out how and why, let's rewind back to Abbeyhill Soundscape – one of the highlights of our Colony of Artists exhibition last year. It was when we launched Abbeyhill Soundscape as binaural sound walks in and around the Abbeyhill … Continue reading Our drama company-in-residence goes viral

Summer of Marine Conservation

To mark the last week of homeschooling we talked to Catherine Gemmell – our first ever marine conservationist-in-residence at Abbeyhill Primary School. Watch and get inspired to learn more, volunteer and work towards the recovery and protection of our amazing oceans. No one is too small to make a huge difference over this extraordinary summer … Continue reading Summer of Marine Conservation