Endangered Species (2014)

Abbeyhill Primary School Eco Group, Class Teachers and Pupils from Nursery to Primary 7
A series of watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, pencil and collage works on paper

Each term Abbeyhill Primary School selects a theme for the rotating Assembly Hall art exhibitions. Throughout 2013/14 the Abbeyhill Eco Group have been raising awareness of various environmental issues. The Eco Group requested that for the summer term 2014 each class would produce diverse art works to highlight the plight of an animal on the Endangered Species list. This allowed each class to find out a little more about their chosen creature in the classroom. The outcome is a dynamic display of classic art techniques and individual approaches with a coherent and strong ecological statement.

Did you know: For the first time in the history of the annual Colony of Artists exhibitions at the Abbeyhill Primary School Assembly Hall, all artworks from the Endangered Species (2014) series were available for sale with the proceeds supporting the school. Visitors were able inquire at the 9th Colony of Artists Pop-Up Art Shop.

Slideshow: Here are some installation views of the works from the Endangered Species (2014) series.

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