Help Us Take Up to the Skies

Contribute to the making of Up, Up and Away – a new monumental artwork by Dave Pratt, our illustrator-in-residence at Abbeyhill Primary School! Become part of the story of this school windows mural. It is to be launched as part of the 16th annual Colony of Artists on 18 and 19 September 2021 – our favourite community festival! Join in as we pay tribute to James Tytler (1745-1804) – the first person in Britain to fly by ascending in a hot air balloon in 1784 from nowhere else but our own Abbeyhill! How can you get involved? Just read on!

All you need to do this summer is save any old newspapers, yoghurt pots and any old jam jars as Dave Pratt and all his co-artists from Nursary to Primary 7 will transform them into a fiesta of papier mache hot air balloons to be released at the school windows in time for Colony of Artists 2021.

Donate all your saved treasures to the Abbeyhill Primary School Office in the first week back at school – 18 August 2021. Drop us a line here for further details or even check how the project started by rewinding to our Up, Up and Away announcement here. In the meantime, see how our illustrator-in-residence’s project inspired the latest street artwork by the Colony of Artists Murally People in their quest to tackle the unsightly walls in the neighbourhood.

Up, Up and Away is suported by 10 Villages as part of our ongoing Artists-in-residence programme culminating in the annual Colony of Artists festival.


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