Orange Ribbon (2012-ongoing)

Jasmin Hannah Sutherland
Ink-jet prints on archival paper, fabric bags, orange ribbon

This room-size installation is the latest development in the ongoing project by the artist bridging her interest in creative documentary photography and tactility of textiles. The hand-picked photographs from the Orange Ribbon series form a frieze following the white wall space above the wood panelling while the pegs become home to the textile element of the installation. Here, the ubiquitous cotton tote bag is treated like a blank canvas stretching the orange ribbon metaphor even further. Arranged on the cloakroom pegs these exclusive cotton bags convey some of the personality of each pupil. Their installation also refers to the purpose-built Victorian school where the school bag on a peg takes a contemporary, mysterious twist.

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Order + collect: All ink-jet prints on archival paper as well as the exclusive canvas ribbon bags from the artist’s own Orange Ribbon series were available at a special exhibition price with the proceeds supporting the school at the 9th Colony of Artists 2014 Pop-Up Art Shop at Abbeyhill Primary School.