Chocolateland (2015)

Nadia Ellingham with Primary 7  pupils
Edible chocolate mini-sculptures

The edible artwork Chocolateland (2015) is a triumph of Fairtrade ingredients culminating into limited edition fine chocolate truffles to mark the 10th anniversary of the Colony of Artists. It also pays a tribute to the American artist Janine Antoni‘s chocolate (and soap) artistic practice.

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CofA BeeShowing as part of the 10th Colony of Artists 2015 at Abbeyhill Primary School in the Pop-up Art Shop at the school playground. Curated by Iliyana Nedkova as part of the ongoing artists-in-residence programme at the school Facilitated by Kate Hutchison and Sally Barker Supported by Scotmid Co-operative Community Grant | Thinking Chocolate | Abbeyhill Primary School and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council

Did you know: Chocolateland (2014) is also the title of one of the Roald Dahl-inspired short films in the series Dreamcatchers (2014). It is featured in the award-winning documentary Abbeyhill Dreams (2015) also showing as part of the 10th Colony of Artists at the school. 

Did you know: Chocolateland (2015) was inspired by the Abbeyhill Primary School Assembly presentation of Fairtrade industry champions Scotmid Co-operative in June 2015.