9th Colony of Artists at Abbeyhill Primary School

20 and 21 September 2014

Abbeyhill Primary School has been firmly on the Colony of Artists map since the festival started in 2005. For the first time artists including Charlotte Intihar, Lucy Ketchin-Edmondson, Denis Mallon, Aileen Paterson and Jasmin Hannah Sutherland – all residing in the Abbeyhill Colonies – were invited to work in the classroom and exhibit with all 260 pupils during the 9th annual Colony of Artists held on 20 and 21 September 2014. Between May and September 2014 almost every class worked with one of the resident artists and the curator on various projects from the Volcano of Dreams (2014) to The Story Tree (2014).

View the 9th Colony of Artists at Abbeyhill Primary School Flyer here and the Artworks Treasure Hunt Map here

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Transformed into a gallery for a weekend the school welcomed more than 300 festival visitors – a record number since 2005. They all took the artworks treasure hunt challenge ‘hunting for artworks’ throughout the main school building and the playground both wide open to the public for the first time. While following the orange ribbon and getting their treasure maps stamped, visitors collected their points and claimed their free refreshments at the Pop-up Garden Café. They also met the resident artists and curator-in-residence and discussed the artworks.

Visitors on site enjoyed the world premiere of the five video animations in the drop-in micro-cinema and attended the free creative sessions in wet felt-making, art cards and Viking knitting. They were also treated to a live performance of the Abbeyhill Primary School Choir. Off-site, visitors were encouraged to attend a story-telling session with the Honorary Artist-in-Residence Aileen Paterson or view the other exhibitions of the resident artists as part of the 9th Colony of Artists.

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Alongside the trail of artworks, the 9th Colony of Artists provided a platform for craft making. The first Crafternoon session at the school for Abbeyhill Parents was led by artist-in-residence Jasmin Hannah Sutherland. The session was inspired by the creative use of wet and needle-felting and the Volcano of Dreams (2014) by resident artist Charlotte Intihar and Primary 5/6 pupils. The parents were introduced to this ancient craft while creating exclusive felt accessories including classic bunting, hair pieces, baubles, brooches and birthday crowns. The craftworks were premiered at the Pop-up Art Shop during the 9th Colony of Artists and the continued sales through the main school reception were all valued contributions towards the future contemporary art programme at Abbeyhill Primary School.


The 9th Colony of Artists and the artists residency of Charlotte Intihar, Lucy Ketchin-Edmondson, Denis Mallon, Aileen Paterson and Jasmin Hannah Sutherland at Abbeyhill Primary School throughout 2014 were curated by Iliyana Nedkova and supported by a City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership Community Grant | Abbeyhill Primary School and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council.