Alicia Bruce

Aberdeen-born and Edinburgh-based artist, Alicia Bruce studied at Edinburgh Napier University and exhibited across the UK and internatioanlly including her widely acclaimed photographic series Menie: TRUMPED. She is also a founding member of Wild Fires – an evolving collective of Scotland’s women photographers. Her portfolio of award-winning works and participatory projects is here.

Alicia was commissioned as one of the first artists-in-residence at Broomhouse Primary School bringing the wonder of contemporary art into the classrooms of Primary 1, 1/2 and 2 pupils from April until June 2017. Her weekly sessions started with getting to know the pupils through conversations while using iPads and the school surroundings as inspiration. Week two provided an introduction to portraiture and photography by creating a Pop-Up Portrait Studio on the school grounds complete with a DSLR camera and tripod. The following week brought the excitement of the school trip to the Scottish National Gallery – the first ever visit to this national treasure trove for the young people, their class teachers and helpful adults:

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Back in the classrooms, two of the paintings in the gallery collection were selected as reference points for creating a series of staged photography works soon to be known as Self-Portraits (2017). The anticipation for the grand finale exhibition You Are Here was building up. Will the self-portraits of the young artists, aged 4, 5 and 6 featured in the exhibition stand up to the works of their seniors created with artist-in-residence Sharon Quigley:

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aisforabbeyhillartists“Participation and learning form a large part of my artistic practice. I love to share my passion for photography with others as I’m a complete photo nerd. For over ten years I have regularly led education projects and collaborated in galleries, schools, colleges, universities and community projects. Most artist residencies I undertake involve community engagement and workshops.” Alicia Bruce

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Alicia Bruce’s artist’s residency at Broomhouse Primary School in 2017 was curated by Iliyana Nedkova as part of From A to B: From Abbeyhill to Broomhouse Primary School artist-in-residence programme supported by Broomhouse Primary School and National Galleries Scotland.