Orange Ribbon (2014)

Jasmin Hannah Sutherland with Primary 2 pupils:
Sophie T, Chloe, Robbie, Danny, Sophie AJ, Elle, Sara, Hannah, Morgan, Noah, Isla, Nene, Marius, Ryan, Emily, Lola, Miriam, Rida, Sinead, Mya, Ehsanul, Daniela, Charlotte, Luka, Finlay, James, Cirar
Ink-jet prints on archival paper

A fine selection of images from a large body of staged photography work by pupils aged 6 years. As one of the most enduring genres of art, staged compositions have been created since the beginnings of photography and are still practiced by contemporary artists and photographers. Usually it would refer to photographs that capture staged or artificially constructed scenes made only for the purpose of photography.

Although initially new to the idea of staged photography and digital cameras, all Primary 2 pupils used their orange ribbon as a magic wand to explore their immediate environment of the school, the wild life garden, the swimming pool, the art room focussing on texture, colour, pattern and light.

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Order + support: At the 9th Colony of Artists 2014 Pop-Up Art Shop visitors were able to order all Ink-jet prints on archival paper from the Orange Ribbon 2014 series at a special exhibition price with the proceeds supporting the school. There was also an opportunity to pre-order any of the works as souvenir coasters or placemats with the styles indicated here.