Dreamcatchers (2014)

Denis Mallon with Primary 4 pupils
5 episodes | 5 min | video, sound and colour
10 videostills | inkjet prints on archival paper

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Dreamcatchers (2014) is a series of five short films ranging from hilarious dramas to voyages of no return. Inspired by the storytelling power of Roald Dahl, the episodes unfold with improbable plots, sophisticated hand-drawn animation and unpredictable voice overs.

Drop-in micro-cinema: The Abbeyhill Primary School Library was converted into a drop-in micro-cinema for the weekend of the 9th Colony of Artists in September 2014. All five films from Dreamcatchers series were projected in a continuous loop on a large scale while visitors were able to meet and greet the artist-in-residence and some of the film crew pupils. The micro-cinema also featured two video stills from each of the five films as archival prints. All ten videostills could be viewed in the slideshow above. All five shorts could be viewed below.


A cross between a horror movie and a fast paced family saga Chocolateland (2014) leaves us with a bittersweet aftertaste. What could possibly go wrong in the land of plenty and cake?

Brace yourself for even more extraordinary delights with Cogs and Wheels (2014) – a family owned restaurant which is left in the care of young Will for one night only until mayhem ensures seemingly by accident.

Enters Hilarious Kyle, the young protagonist of Gingerhead (2014) until Mum steals the show with her new hairstyle. Did somebody call the police?

Looking for trouble, then More Terror (2014) may be your kind of an animated short brimming with kidnapping, haunted houses, were-wolves, ghosts and skeletons. However, try not to miss the fragile romance blooming between Konstantin and Rosette.

Set off on a final adventure but be prepared for the worse nightmare with Yeah! Camping (2014). Luckily, it all ends very quickly.