Clare McAllister

Clare studied Sculpture at Glasgow School of Art as well as Philosophy and Art Psychotherapy at Glasgow University. In her contemporary art practice Clare often employs pattern, repetition and symmetry to explore her interests ranging from psychoanalysis to social history.

Clare is also the co-founder of freeassociationprojects, an ongoing curatorial project established in Glasgow in 2010.

Clare’s residency at Abbeyhill Primary School marked a new, ongoing relationship between Talbot Rice Gallery and Abbeyhill Primary School. Based at Talbot Rice Gallery since 2014, Clare is a Curatorial Graduate Trainee who aims to widen participation in the arts.

For her residency at the school Clare initiated the collaborative project Stained Glass Windows (2015) with sessions for all Primary 3 and 4 pupils inspired by some of the themes and artworks featured in the double solo exhibition of Ross Birrell and David Harding where language ends.

The artist-in-residence ran the sessions at Talbot Rice Gallery throughout March 2015. Clare’s residency started with a surprise Assembly visit for all pupils from Primary 1 to 7 when the artist-in-residence was joined by Pat Fischer, Principal Curator of Talbot Rice Gallery:

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Art field trips: In March 2015, all Primary 3 and 4 pupils were able to walk to Talbot Rice Gallery and back, to enjoy a guided tour of the extraordinary exhibition where language ends and also participate in the hands-on art-making sessions with Clare and local artist Ailsa Lochead. It is during these art field trips that the collaborative Stained Glass Windows (2015) artworks started to emerge before they were finalised in the classrooms in September and October 2015:

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School’s Blog: A vivid account of the initial visit to the gallery by all Primary 3 pupils made it to the front page of the official school website in April 2015.

Acknowledgements: Clare’s artist residency at Abbeyhill Primary School throughout 2014 and 2015 is supported by Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh | Abbeyhill Primary School and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council.