Jungle City Tiger (2012)

Abbeyhill Primary School Pupil Council, Kuba and other Primary 6/7 Pupils
acrylic on fibre glass

In 2011 Abbeyhill Primary School participated in the Jungle City project by adopting one of the tigers unleashed in Edinburgh. All pupils were asked to submit designs for the unpainted life-size tiger as a blank canvas. The Pupil Council shortlisted the best six designs until Kuba’s was voted in as the winning idea by all pupils.

Jungle City Tiger (2012) celebrates the magnificence of Asia’s endangered wildlife while making everyone smile at the same time. A brightly painted herd of Asian elephants, orangutans, tigers and crocodiles were installed in the streets, parks and buildings of Edinburgh including Abbeyhill Primary School with the aim of raising mass awareness for their survival. It is the Jungle City Tiger (2012) which prompted the Endangered Species (2014) series created especially for the 9th Colony of Artists 2014 and on view at the school’s Assembly Hall for the festival weekend only.

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Did you know: Jungle City was a global campaign which began in Edinburgh in 2011 with the potential to raise many millions for Asia’s endangered wildlife.