William Mazur

An artist with a keen  interest in the the long tradition of landscape painting, William is one of the founding members of the annual Colony of Artists festival.

Although a familiar face to a few generations of pupils at Abbeyhill Primary School, it was in June 2015 that William undertook his first mini-residency as an artist at Abbeyhill Primary School.

For his residency William initiated Abbeyhill Bee Colony (2015) – a colour-in and cut-out project of an entire colony of 300 honey bees. William’s busy bees took flight to each classroom-turned-hive enticing all pupils, from 3 to 11 year olds, to make their creative mark in their media of choice.

In August 2015, William made a special artist-in-residence appearance at Assembly to collect the co-authored bees before setting them free to the their new hives, i.e. the shop windows of all the Abbeyhill businesses supporting the 10th Colony of Artists. The entire Abbeyhill neighbourhood was transformed into a gallery and a healthy new environment for the Abbeyhill Primary School bee keepers to thrive.

Busy Bees: See William’s presentation at Abbeyhill Primary School Assembly with awards for the busiest bees of Abbeyhill:

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Hear the Artist: See William ‘starring’ in this short documentary shot by The Guardian alongside other exhibiting artists at the 5th Colony of Artists 2010:

Acknowledgements: William’s artist residency at Abbeyhill Primary School throughout  2015 was supported by a Leith Neighbourhood Partnership Community Grant | Abbeyhill Primary School and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council.