Maisie of Abbeyhill (2014)

Primary 2 pupils
pencil drawings and stories on paper

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Inspired by the story-telling sessions of the Honorary artist-in-residence Aileen Paterson and her acclaimed Maisie of Morningside books, this is a series of drawings and stories on paper by six-year olds capturing Maisie’s personality and her adventures across Edinburgh and further afield.

A genuine tribute to the world-renowned children’s author and the lasting legacy of her captivating stories and illustrations. Maisie Books are Magic, even if Maisie herself would say while sporting a fashion bag bearing these very words and we couldn’t agree more.

At the 9th Colony of Artists Pop-up Art Shop: Maisie of Abbeyhill (2014) series of drawings and stories were available at special exhibition prices with the proceeds supporting the school.