Jane Phillips

Jane is an Edinburgh-based artist and art teacher who could be credited as the first artist-in-residence at Abbeyhill Primary School ‘paving the playground’ for the contemporary art residency programme at the school initiated in 2013.

Back in 2006 artist and parent Jane started a mosaic project which gave the Abbeyhill Primary School playground areas their magical woodland identity. Jane created Woodland (2006) – a series of outdoor murals and mosaics – in an informal collaboration with pupils and parents at the time. Jane’s artistic contribution was also the source of inspiration for the new mosaic mural The Story Tree (2014) which features tiles and various pieces which Jane donated to the school.

Slideshow: See the story of the Woodland (2006) mosaics and murals in never previously published documentary shots here:

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Meet the artist:
Visitors at the 9th Colony of Artists at Abbeyhill Primary School in September 2014 were able to welcome Jane back and talk to her about this much-loved mosaic project at 1pm on each day of the festival

Acknowledgements: Jane’s artist residency at Abbeyhill Primary School throughout 2006 was supported by Abbeyhill Primary School and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council.