Dawid Gumula

A graduate in Film from both Falmouth and Napier Universities, Dawid has been using filmmaking in his artistic practice. With an interest in scripting, producing, editing and directing, he has worked on a number of shorts, both fictional and documentary.

Polish-born and Edinburgh-based, Dawid was the first of three artists to join the Polski project – the series of Polish artist-in-residencies at Abbeyhill Primary School. In April 2016 Dawid received a warm welcome by the award-winning film-makers of Primary 6. Just a year earlier the class won the Best Documentary Award of the Edinburgh International Film Festival for their short Abbeyhill Dreams (2015) produced with artist-in-residence Denis Mallon.

Dawid ran weekly Thursday sessions with the Primary 6 pupils in their classroom until June 2016. He also helped launch the Polski project in public as part of the fun-filled Abbeyhill Summer Carnival. The artist then worked on the post-production of what was soon to be known as the new music video Hatchlings (2016). Dawid edited the new film in his studio over the summer 2016 while also finalising his Masters Degree dissertation thesis! Watch this space for a glimpse of the classroom turned into a film studio complete with a camera slider and a make-up artist. If that’s not impressive, check the school meeting room turned into a green screen film location!

Halfway through his residency, Dawid and the young co-artists hatched the script, performed and filmed Pre-Hatchlings (2016) – an ultra short documentary about a day in the life of eleven year olds in an Edinburgh primary school. A pre-cursor of Hatchlings (2016) – the final outcome of Dawid’s Polski project which premiered as part of the 11th Colony of Artists exhibition 2016 at the school. In October 2016, Dawid returned to the classroom for one last session, showing the film and sharing some of the post-production studio secrets to a farewell round of applause.

Here is Hatchlings (2016) direct from Abbeyhill Primary School Vimeo channel:

Did you know: Dawid’s short documentary A Violin Bow: The Process of Creation (2014), commissioned by the Music Faculty at Oxford University, was premiered at Bate Collection, St Aldate’s, Oxford in September 2016. Dawid’s Vimeo channel is here.


Dawid Gumula‘s artist-in-residency at Abbeyhill Primary School  in 2016 was co-curated by Iga Bozyk, Patrycja Godula and Iliyana Nedkova in partnership with Polish Contemporary Art Organisation and supported by Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh