Imaginary Cityscape

Screenshot of Imaginary Cityscape

It may be the first week of the Easter holiday at Abbeyhill Primary School but we will appreciate if you keep all your fingers crossed as we have just submitted our wonderful and award-worthy short film Imaginary Cityscape to be shortlisted and selected by the Youth Jury of the 14th annual Edinburgh and Lothians Schools Film Competition 2022.

Known under its mouthful of an acronym ELSFC, this annual competition is a partnership between Screen Education Edinburgh, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Arts & Creative Learning, Education & Children’s Services, City of Edinburgh Council.

You don’t need to wait until the ELSFC Youth Jury, made up of volunteer young learners, assesses and shortlists the films, and then decides on the awards. Have a sneak peek of our film.

WATCH HERE and read about it below.

Screenshot of Imaginary Cityscape

Once upon a time an awful pandemic struck the city of Edinburgh. A tiny spiky disruptor caused the closure of Abbeyhill Primary School. However, imaginary and surreal creatures walked past and moved in. Abbeyhill cityscape changed forever – Arthur’s Seat radiated with the colours of the rainbow, swans strolled the streets and bears rode bicycles. The artisan houses were ablaze with multicoloured raindrops and festival banners. Even the world-famous scientist Albert Einstein, albeit in disguise, took residence. Iliyana Nedkova

Screenshot of Imaginary Cityscape

The Making of Imaginary Cityscape

This short animated film was created by all 11 pupils from Primary 7 and their class teacher Mr Ieuan Scott-Woodhouse at Abbeyhill Primary School through a series of weekly two hourly in-person sessions in the classroom led by the artists-in-residence Agnieszka Mietkiewicz and Robert Motyka between August and November 2021. It was produced by the curators-in-residence Iliyana Nedkova and Iga Bozyk as a partnership between Abbeyhill Primary School, Polish Contemporary Art Organisation and Colony of Artists festival.

The film was supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh, Scotland as part of POLSKI – a curated Polish artists-in-residence programme at Abbeyhill Primary School established in 2015 and aiming to ensure all pupils aged 3 to 12 years including those from Polish heritage, have an entitlement to quality cultural learning and meaningful access to contemporary visual and performing arts, including filmmaking and animation.

Find further details about the POLSKI project here and save the dates 17-18 September 2022 for the festival premire of Imaginary Cityscape as part the 17th annual edition of Colony of Artists.

Screenshot of Imaginary Cityscape

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