Smart APPs (2015)

Martine Foltier Pugh with Primary 5 and 6 pupils
Interactive installation with works on paper, iPads and tennis balls

In the course of four artist-led sessions in November 2014 pupils from Primary 4 and 5 wrote their own poems. The artist then transcribed them onto hundreds of table tennis balls, two words per ball, and threaded them on three custom-made frames. Welcome to the Spinning Poetry Generator! Spin the balls and scramble the original word order to create poems of your own! Take a note of your poems!

Marvel at the original poems on paper or iPad from the first session when the pupils were asked to write poems about two individual words chosen by Martine; or the second session when their challenge was to write short haiku-style poems on a topic of their choice; or session three when they wrote an acrostic poem using each letter of their name to start a new line and finally, session four when they learnt about concrete poetry and Ian Hamilton Finlay while creating their own poem by arranging the words into a drawing. Gusty fine beach bees could be one of the ‘lottery of poems’ that the Smart APPs (2015), i.e. Abbeyhill Primary Poets could ‘generate’ for you! Have a spin!

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CofA Bee

Showing as part of the 10th Colony of Artists 2015 at Abbeyhill Primary School in the transit space between the two classrooms where the artist’s residency took place. Curated by Iliyana Nedkova as part of the ongoing artists-in-residence programme at the school Facilitated by Anne-Marie Bidoni, Denise Morgan and Sally Barker Supported by City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership | Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh | Abbeyhill Primary School and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council

Did you know: Smart APPs (2015) was critically acclaimed as ‘a great piece of interactive art and a fantastic literacy tool’ Hazel Terry in Art Room Plant