WHAT: A programme of Artists-in-Residence at Abbeyhill Primary School + more

WHY: Spreading the wonder of contemporary arts to every pupil and teacher in and outside of the classroom

WHY: Curriculum for Excellence is about creating well-rounded learners, and excellence is not just defined by test scores, it involves the arts as well | Prof Andy Hargreaves | TESS No 2397 | 5 Dec 2014

HOW: Contributing to the global phenomenon of artists’ residencies

WHERE: Abbeyhill Primary School, Abbey Street, Edinburgh, EH7 5SJ and occasionally off-site

WHEN: Sept 2013 – ongoing

SO: Always good things going on at @Abbeyhill PS | via Twitter | 10 Sept 2016

WOW: Highly innovative initiative | Education Scotland | Sept 2013

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David Barrington | Helena Barrett | Lorna Brown | Alicia Bruce* | Kate Burwell | Juliana Capes| Citadel Arts Group | Jolanta Dolewska | Zu Dominiak | Leighann Dudley| Nadia Ellingham | Elisa Guietti | Dawid Gumula | Charlotte Intihar | Evelyn Jardine | Lucy Ketchin-Edmondson | Sylwia Kolasinska | Lotte Kravitz| Ailsa Lochhead | Joanna Lubonska | Anton Lukoszevieze | Tessa Lynch | Denis Mallon | William Mazur | Clare McAllister | Alice Myers | Kristin Mojsiewicz | Aileen Paterson | Catherine Payton | Morna Pearson| Martine Foltier Pugh | Sharon Quigley* | Rodney Relax| Poppy Richards | Oliver Ridgewell | Eleanor Robertson | Gill Smith| Jasmin Hannah Sutherland | Monika Szydlowska | Marilyn Wilson | Anna York


AN INITIATIVE OF: Iliyana Nedkova and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Edinburgh Art Festival | Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh | Collective | Polish Contemporary Art Organisation | Colony of Artists | University of the West of Scotland | Venture Photography Edinburgh | Curiouser and Curiouser | Awesome Folk Arts and Crafts | Happy Ears | Pipers of Edinburgh | Thinking Chocolate | Black Sheep Felt | The Alma Project | Leith Walk Primary School and Broomhouse Primary School*
SUPPORTED BY: City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership | Leith Neighbourhood Partnership | Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh | Children & the Arts | Scotmid Co-operative | Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh | The National Lottery through the Big Lottery | Leith Walk Primary School and Broomhouse Primary School*
FACILITATED BY: Abbeyhill Primary School and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council
PART OF: The Annual Festival Colony of Artists

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