Our Holyrood Park

Abbeyhill Primary School is just a walk away from Holyrood Park – our school’s large outdoor learning classroom. We love exploring it throughout the seasons together with our artists-in-residence at the school and the rangers at Holyrood Park Education Centre.

We seek inspiration for our environmental art, science and sport projects in the park, including for our first ever app map soon to be downloadable for free from Google Play Store. Entitled Our Holyrood Park our evolving app map is to be launched on 19th September 2020 as part of our Windows and Screens exhibition at the 15th Colony of Artists festival.

Join us for a walk on the wild side around the park. Navigate your way around using our kites-inspired pointers and stories. Become a conscientious protector of our Holyrood Park!

How did this new app map come about? We initiated it as part of our programme of artists’ residencies at Abbeyhill Primary School where every learner is inspired and supported to create, perform and exhibit by a professional artist-in-residence!

Our Holyrood Park was thus produced by the pupils of Abbeyhill Primary School, our environmental artist-in-residence Lotte Kravitz, designer Theresa Pickles, app developer-in-residence Vlad Hasiu and curator-in-residence Iliyana Nedkova. 

It was facilitated by Sally Ketchin, Keith Martin, Jeanette Wynn, Ettie Shattock, Ines Maria and Robert May. It was delivered in partnership with Holyrood Park Education Centre, Historic Environment Scotland with the initial support by Young Scot and Creative Scotland through Time to Shine Grant Fund and Young Scot and Scottish Natural Heritage through Future Routes Fund as part of the Year of Young People 2018.

Additional support was provided by DaddySpy Ltd, Colony of Artists Trust and Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council.

Additionally, Our Holyrood Park app map incorporates the project Abbeyhill Soundscape which was also commissioned as part of the artists’ residencies at Abbeyhill Primary School. It employs a time travel machine using binaural sound.

Abbeyhill Soundscape was led by our drama company-in-residence Citadel Arts Group, directed by Liz Hare and written by Elaine Campbell, Alan Mountford, Carolyn Lincoln, Laure Paterson and Vincent Maguire. The soundscape design is by Stewart Emm and Allan Rhynas. It features the voices of the Abbeyhill Primary School pupils Lexi Houston, Cadha King, Amelia Byrne, Eva Wright and Sophie Tait, as well as the voices of the professional actors Mark Kydd, Mike Daviot, Adam Tomkins, Andrea McKenzie, Deborah Whyte and Stephanie Falls.

Stay tuned! Get your skates on* and mobile phones ready!

*Did you know that the last remaining freshwater, natural loch within the city of Edinburgh is in Holyrood Park. You may need your skates on to join the Reverend Robert Walker, minister of the Canongate Kirk and a member of the Edinburgh Skating Society in 1790s. It is Walker’s pose – gliding across the frozen Duddingston Loch as captured in Sir Henry Raeburn’s portrait – that some of our artists-in-residence at the school and members of the Murally People, have referenced into one of the Colony of Artists street art trails in the area. Find the full story in Our Holyrood Park app map!          

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