Windows and Screens

With just a couple of weeks to the 15th annual edition of the Colony of Artists festival on 19 and 20 September 2020, we would have been busy transforming Ab🐝hill Primary School with its two Victorian buildings and large playground into one of the major exhibition venues. Instead, in these times when even our Colony of Artists bee mascot knows how to bee kind and responsible, we have been busy creating two new exhibition platforms – windows and screens!

Windows? Yes, the windows of the school are the new exhibition platform for our festival centrepiece now that the school’s Assembly Hall is out of bounds in these extraordinary times! Follow the colonies of bees created by all pupils – from Nursery to Primary 7 – led by Ieuan Scott-Woodhouse. Spot some of these busy bees as they take flight to the windows of our local shops and businesses.

What about the screens? Missed our festival finale at the school’s Assembly Hall in 2019 and 2018? Watch out for the new video release of drama and dance, poetry and pipes on any screen near you from 19th September by bookmarking now.

Expect to re-live the two new plays Abigail’s Doll by Alan Mountford and Spontaneous by Morna Pearson – our playwrights-in-residence; the two dance pieces Playtime and Maisie Goes to the Highlands by our choreographer-in-residence Eleanor Robertson; Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle, and The Freedom Birds by Jan Bee Brown and Russell McLarty – our storytellers-in-residence, as well as the poetry and pipes duet Goodbye by Rodney Relax and Leighann Dudley. Look our for the cameo appearance of the late school’s alumnus and football legend Willie Hunter!

Round off the hours of binge watching on your screens here at with a fine selection from POLSKI – our Polish artists-in-residence project co-curated with the Polish Contemporary Art Organisation since 2016. Try your hand at surrealism for surreal times with Sylwia Kowalczyk – our photographer-in-residence; performance art with Anna Danielewicz or comics with Zu Dominiak.

Finally, take a walk on the wild side in Holyrood Park – our school’s outdoor classroom. Just keep your screen handy (possibly, an Android phone device) and head off to the Google Play Store to download our free app created by our app developers-in-residence Vlad Hasiu and Theresa Pickles. While navigating your way through Our Holyrood Park app, remember to don your headphones for Abbeyhill Soundscape – a series of short binaural audio plays by our resident theatre makers Liz Hare, Stewart Emm and Allan Rhynas of Citadel Arts Group. Keep your ears ‘peeled’ for The Wee World – the audio play by Vincent Maguire, inspired by the memories of the legendary footballer Willie Hunter who sadly passed away on 4 August 2020. Watch this space as we prepare to pay a special tribute to Willie at our Windows and Screens exhibition for the 15th Colony of Artists.

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