Our drama company-in-residence goes viral

It’s official. Our drama company-in-residence Citadel Arts Group has gone viral this summer. But before finding out how and why, let’s rewind back to Abbeyhill Soundscape – one of the highlights of our Colony of Artists exhibition last year. It was when we launched Abbeyhill Soundscape as binaural sound walks in and around the Abbeyhill Primary School grounds celebrating the history of the area and the school from 1880s until 1950s.

Six short audio plays bursting with dramatic twists and turns – all devised and recorded in the classrooms and led by our resident theatre makers Citadel Arts Group working with Primary 4 and 6 pupils throughout 2018/19, as well as an enthusiastic group of school’s alumni.

Fast forward to summer 2020 and our resident drama company has come up with another six audio plays but this time intended to be experienced by lockdown listeners as an online broadcast via the dedicated Citadel Goes Viral website. The first of these new works, The Duchess of Kirkcaldy, was broadcast on the 6 July 2020 and the plays have been broadcast on each successive Monday since and will continue until 10 August 2020 – as we go back to school!

Why don’t you tune in to experience any of the new Citadel Arts Group audio adventures while we are considering how to go viral with our own Abbeyhill Soundscape during this year’s Colony of Artists festival on 19 and 20 September 2020.

2 thoughts on “Our drama company-in-residence goes viral

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