Street Artists

It may not be the Colony of Artists festival weekend yet but it feels like it when you spot at least half of dozen of the exhibiting artists at the festival hub at the far end of the Abbeyhill Colonies – including two of the founding members of Colony of Artists and recent resident artists at Abbeyhill Primary School – William Mazur and Gill Smith. Working closely together yet physically distancing they have been transforming the festival hub into a giant mural this week.

This is their third mural in an attempt to tackle the graffiti problem in the area while telling the story of our community – from glass works, railway loop lines and iron foundries to a colony of artisan houses, famous cats, community festivals and street artists.

This latest mural features the design of William Mazur and Edd Wellesley-Davies who were joined by mural painters extraordinaire Gill Smith, Nick Gardner, Jenny Haslimeier and Christina Robertson to make it a reality.

Be the first to take your daily exercise along the cul de sac of Rossie Place and Holland House Electrical Supplies – the new art pilgrimage destination in the Abbeyhill Colonies 🐝🐝 🐝


2 thoughts on “Street Artists

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